Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Workout Motivation Strategy

It's February ... really it is ... we're in the second week already!

The cold, dark winter is going to continue for another six weeks according to that darn groundhog, so now is the time to stay motivated and getting workouts in!

Here is a strategy to stay on track and keep your butt in line (and tight and toned.)

1. Set out your gym/workout clothes the night before. Put your shoes (if your activity requires them) right next to the bed.

2. Tell yourself before you turn out the light that you are going to jump out of bed the moment the alarm rings, suit up, have your coffee and pre-workout meal (if you eat one) and get rockin.'

3. As you close your eyes, envision yourself performing the fitness activity at it's most ideal highest level. So, if you do yoga in the morning, see yourself in the perfect "Yoga Journal" poses, flexible and strong, able to do any pose. If you run on the treadmill, see yourself in a body conscious workout outfit, running like a gazelle. If you lift, envision yourself in your sweetest sweats, lean and ripped getting the workout of your life. If you do DVD's, visualize yourself in the DVD's performing the exercises just like the instructor.

4. When the alarm rings in the morning ... FOLLOW THROUGH.
Get out of bed, get dressed, fuel up and go!

5. Enlist a buddy if necessary and keep workin' on your fitness all through February.

(image from: dreamstime.com)

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