Friday, June 18, 2010

Ultimate Body Press

Working out at home using little or no equipment creates an amazing physique, but it is often challenging to work fundamental exercises like dips and to directly work the large muscles of your back.

The Ultimate Body Press solves that issue!

Constructed of four pieces of steel that are easily assembled, the Ultimate Body Press is the ideal solution for performing body weight dips and full body rows.

The height of the machine makes it a great option for women to learn an empowering exercise like the dip which works the chest and triceps, because you can begin by placing both feet on the ground, then move to one foot and eventually work up to the full dip.

The body weight row is a great way to work the opposing muscles of the back and biceps without having to have the strength to do a full pull up, yet this exercise will help you get on your way there!

Both exercises work the core muscles as well, especially when you pay attention to engaging your abs and stablizing with your low back.

Accessories like attachable resistance bands and push up rings are available for the aparatus to make the machine a total body device.

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