Thursday, June 24, 2010

Walking with Hand Weights

Alright all you, "heavy lifting is the only way change your body" people.

Get ready to start screaming.

I believe that all weight lifting techniques, including many, many reps of little to no weight, have merit. Different body types respond to different types of training. And perhaps the best approach, is a multi-disciplinary, varied one!

That being said, I used to be dead set against walking with hand weights. I felt it compromised the joints - and in some people, it may.

However, if you are relatively fit, especially in the "core," then walking with hand weights may be a viable progression for you. The dumbbells add extra "weight" which results in more calorie burn and if you work your arms in multi-planar movements can tone and shape stubborn arms.

Try using a set of one or two pound dumbbells to work various arm movements while you are walking. Here are some ideas:

1. Pump arms bent 90 degrees back and forth
2. Straight arm lifts - with arms hanging straight at sides lift one or both arms straight up toward the ears as your shoulder allows.
3. Bent or straight arm lateral raise
4. Drum beats - use the weights like drum sticks and beat to a rhythm for "air drumming"
5. Triceps kick backs

Try adding dumbbell walking into your routine on non-consecutive days for great

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