Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yogavive Chips

I am a victim of clever retailing.
It's not even really clever.
Truly, I am a sucker for overt, shoving in your face to buy items in the check out line.

As I waited in what was seemingly an endless line at HomeGoods, I was tantalized by the items that surrounded me from every angle. I contemplated purchasing scented candles, wacky key chains, reading glasses, an ipod speaker system, golf accessories and flavored coffee. Then, I spied a bin full of shiny, puffy little packages with the word "yoga" sprawled across them.

They had me with the balloon like packaging, but yoga sealed the deal.

I picked up a package of Yogavive Organic Popped Fuji Apple Chips and added them to the booty I scored that day.

I deflated the package of "fat-free, crispy, gluten free, vegan and no added sugar Caramel flavored apple chips and discovered a satisfying taste sensation.

I completely realize eating a whole, fresh Fuji apple would have another level of nutrition and delicious crunch, but these light, crispy chips delivered a delicious, 35 calorie, fun snack.

Yogavive chips would be especially useful in getting kids and produce-phobes to eat some fruit!

Learn more and purchase Yogavive chips here: http://yogavive.com

(image from: yogavive.com)

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