Thursday, June 17, 2010

Frozen Yogurt

My cousin emailed me the other day asking for my opinion on Frozen Yogurt. She has been marveling at all of the fro yo shops popping up claiming to offer "healthy" treats.

My response was: the only yogurt that is GOOD for you is plain, non or low fat, organic or at the very least hormone-free, greek style or regular, refrigerated yogurt with active cultures and probiotics.

Most any frozen yogurt is processed and full of added stuff including sugar. Even the sugar-free frozen yogurts are full of processed chemicals without much nutrional value.
They are also often whipped with tons of air so they are not ultimatly satisfying. You end of full of cold, airy, chemicals.

The bottom line is that frozen yogurt is a treat. If it was "good" or "healthy" for you I would have my mouth attached to the spout of one those machines!

If you want to enjoy frozen yogurt, do so in moderation. Always get the smallest size and no toppings except fruit.
Better, in my opinion to have a 1/2 cup serving of all natural real, deal ice cream like Hagen daaz 5.
It's ultimately yummier and more satisfying.

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