Wednesday, March 10, 2010


An ad for Almased caught my eye while paging through Cosmo magazine.

Almased is a meal replacement shake that is made from yogurt, honey and soy.

Simply packaged and endorsed by a pharmacist (because they are known for their nutritional prowess and weight loss expertise?) The two page spread details a "Bikini Emergency" diet plan that consists of three days consumption of just three Almased shakes and as much vegetable broth as you can consume.

With only 180 calories (1g of fiber, but 25g protein) per shake, The Almased plan comes in at a grand total of 540 calories per day.

Last time I checked - that qualifies for a starvation diet.

The diet then graduates you to two shakes and one meal per day and eventually two meals and one shake per day. Sound familiar? This is the second coming of Slim Fast packaged as "health" food.

If you read this blog daily, you know this is a positive place. I rarely write about products I don't like, but I have to speak out when I feel unhealthy and dangerous eating habits are being directly targeted at women.

I am constantly shocked at people's misconceptions around food and nutrition in general. Even the most educated folks sometimes don't really think about what they are putting in their mouths. A product like Almased further distorts the issue of dieting and health food by promoting a product to sustain a starvation diet.

Please consider what you consume carefully. If you want to change your body, eat whole, fresh, unprocessed foods in sensible portions. Keep track of your calories in Fitday, undertake an exercise program and watch your body and life transform - the healthy way!

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