Tuesday, March 30, 2010

John Masters Organics

On my quest to find products that are organic, natural and created without the use of SLS, Parabens and Petroleum products, I couldn't forget about hair styling products. Remember that what you place on your hair migrates onto your skin and can therefore be absorbed systemically.

This is a tricky product arena, as many of us are used to high performance products loaded with synthetic ingredients.
Add to that a mane of curly hair and we have a challenge!

Well, challenge met and expectations exceeded by John Masters Organics.

John Masters is a visionary East Coast hair stylist who opened the first "clean air" salon in the world in 1994. John Masters Organics is the accompanying paraben-free, organic hair care and skin care line.

I inquired with the company about hair styling products that would be safe to use on my sensitized skin, but that would perform exceptionally and tame my curls.

John Masters Organics responded with a package that included the first product John Masters created - The Dry Hair Nourishment and Defrizzer along with a bevy of other samples.

The Dry Hair Nourishment and Defrizzer comes in a glass dropper bottle. Only two or three drops are needed for an entire head of hair. A vibrant marigold color, this ""100% certified organic plant and essential oil blend" has an exquisite aroma and light texture.
Amazingly, this oil based product leaves no greasy residue - just shiny, moisturized, controlled hair.
I have been using two drops after towel drying my hair and then applying my new addiction, the Sweet Orange and Silk Protein Styling gel.

I simply put a nickel sized amount of the gel into my palms and apply to my curls in a scrunching motion. My curls dry silky and separated with modern texture.
Notice, I mentioned nothing about crunchy.

I actually hesitated to use this product at first because it brought up memorizes of crispy, shellacked ringlets. Not with this product!! Not at all!
I mean, who ever heard of a non-crunchy gel? Well, you have now! Plus, there are none of the crackly by products like flaky white chunks.
I don't know how they did it, but I want John Masters to keep on doing it. I will keep the Sweet Orange and Silk Protein Styling gel on hand by the gallon.
Oh - and it smells divine as well.

Learn more about the entire John Masters Hair and Skin Care line and purchase here:

(image from johnmasters.com)

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