Friday, March 12, 2010

Lucy Perfect Core Pant

The Lucy Perfect Core Pant is the anti-low rider. The rebellious, yet classy older sister to butt-cleavage inducing spandex. This is a pant that knows better. This is a pant that knows how to maximize a body's potential and literally reminds you to engage your core! A smart pant! Who knew?

Released to the public with a flurry of press promoting Lucy's new xBAR Technology, the ads focus on LucyPro Suzanne Bowen and her awesome rear view in the full length Perfect Core Pant. See above for photographic evidence.

Naturally, I was thrilled when Lucy offered to send me a pair of these revolutionary pants "for extreme Body Alignment and Reforming."

I received my pair of Perfect Core Knee Pants and immediately took them for a test run teaching a yoga class.

The Perfect Core pants had me at hello. Instantly, my abs were flattened, my bootie was lifted, my thighs were smooth and seemed to have more space in between them than usual. Did I just get lipo or slide on a pair of pants?

After class, I peered down at my normally, unfortunately sweaty front side ... and not a drop of moisture!

The pants provide a comfortable amount of compression and support with strategically placed abdominal and back panels - this is the xBAR technology. They remind me of CWX running tights, but much less extreme. The support enhances whatever fitness modality is your fancy, enforces body awareness, promotes core strength and good posture.

Shop the entire Perfect Core collection here:,default,sc.html

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