Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ruah Mind Body Movement

I stumbled upon Ruah Mind Body Movement while researching LucyPro Ambassador Suzanne Bowen.

After admiring her phenomenal assets in the new Lucy Perfect Core ads, I discovered Suzanne owns a "barre" studio and co-created Ruah Mind Body Movement with Leah Sarago. Leah has her own set of admirable curves and resume credits.

Ruah Mind Body Movement fuses the best of pilates, Lotte Berk, yoga, cardio and body sculpting into a fluid, creative, fun workout. If you want a long, lean, firm, sculpted physique - Ruah is for you.

I was drawn to the method because my grandmother used to tell me I was full of "Ruach." (She said it with the Yiddish ccchhhhhhuuuhhhhh.) Ruah means "spirit" in Hebrew and what a perfect moniker for a fitness modality created by two women obviously full of excellent mojo.

Ruah generously sent me both DVDs in the series: "Release" and "Warrior"

I experienced "Release" first. There is an adorable introduction by the two ladies, explaining Suzanne being pregnant in the video - apparently she found out she was expecting during pre-production, so she is showing in the video. They give an excellent disclaimer stating that this is not a pre-natal workout, but because Suzanne was in such great shape before her pregancy, it is ok for her to demonstrate modifications. I found this absolutely endearing and motivating to women who are either pregnant or want to get pregnant ... STAY ACTIVE whether with child or not!

The "Release" workout is a great balance of 15 minutes of Lower Body/Cardio movements like chair pose and lunge variations, but that are dynamic and flow with breath and movement.
The next segment is a 25 minute two part floor workout that consists of upper body work - again using moves like planks and push ups that flow and an ab section that uses pilates "c" curve movements.
The final segment is a 10 minute stretch and relaxation.

The "Release" DVD is great place to start for beginners, to learn the movements and to enjoy a lovely, mellow - yet energizing addition to your current fitness regime to add new rotations and movments that will surprise your muscles.

I then tackled, "Warrior." "Warrior" definitely takes Ruah up a notch.
The DVD begins with a 25 minute standing lower body sequence that is sure to have you sore in places you may not have realized even existed. Variations on squats, lunges and plies are fused with upper body movements and done at a quick pace, providing both cardiovascular and muscular work. The leg sequence is repeated twice, so you have double the chance to work hard and change your body!
Next is a 13 minute upper body and core floor series. Planks and push ups work your entire body, but emphasize a strong, flat tummy and supportive lower back.
The DVD concludes with an excellent stretch and relaxation segment that mainly focuses on the hips. This segment alone is a standout and would be beneficial to practice daily.

Give Ruah a try if you are looking for a fresh, creative, energizing addition to your fitness program. The instruction is top notch with Suzanne and Leah performing the workout to a comforting voice over detailing the movements. Do the workout three to four times a week combined with a good nutrition program for optimal results or add it in once or twice a week to your current program to shake things up.

You can learn more and purchase Ruah Mind Body Movement DVDs here:

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  1. I am fortunate enough to live in the same town as Leah and Suzanne and have been taking their classes for a couple of years. These girls are the real deal. They practice what they preach in regards to food and fitness and they genuinely care about the women they are reaching through their classes and videos.

    Suzanne has increased her teaching since opening her studio and in turn, her body is even more amazing than before. She is such an inspiration to the women who take her classes.

    Just wanted to let you know that your blog post made me smile today. It's nice to see the girls get the recognition that I already know they deserve. This is the only form of exercise I've ever stuck with and it's as much because of Leah and Suzanne's dedication to encouraging other women as it is the results that I've seen in my own body!

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I REALLY loved these videos and hope I get the opportunity to take class with these ladies as well! Congrats on your results and keep up your RUAH!!