Friday, March 5, 2010

Tarina Tarantinto Cosmetics

If you know anything about Tarina Tarantino's jewelery collection, then you will be drooling over her first cosmetics collection for Sephora.

Tarina Tarantino has a hugely popular, quirky, hip, nostalgic jewelery line that is filled with sparkly, girly pieces.

Before her success as jewelery designer, Ms. Tarantino was a professional make up artist.

She fuses the two worlds together in her first collection of cosmetics available exclusively at Sephora.

According to her "Behind the Brand" interview on, "Being different, being unique, being an individual and creating your own style is what TARINA TARANTINO is all about."

Now that sounds damn good.

I am anxious to try all of the products in the line, but especially the Magic Hour Creme Shadow, the Eye Dream Hypershadow and the Sparklecity Shimmer Dust.

Shop the entire Tarina Tarantino collection here:

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