Monday, March 8, 2010

Foods Alive Flax Crackers

Often a sturdy, crunchy, flavorful vehicle is required to transport yummy cargo like tuna salad, peanut butter or guacamole into a hungry mouth.

Foods Alive ( created a flax based, organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free and kosher answer to the ordinary "cracker."

Mahatma Gandhi said, "Wherever Flaxseed becomes a regular food item among the people there will be better health."

Simply called, "Flax Crackers," Foods Alive makes eight flavors of these delicious, crispy, wonderfully textured treats.

At my request, the company sent me the Original, Onion Garlic, Hemp and Mustard flavors.

My eye always goes to the label before anything goes into my mouth.

I started with the Originals ... three ingredients. I like that. Simple. Five crackers contain 150 calories, 9 grams of fat (Omega 3's,)a whopping 11 grams of fiber and 6g of protein! Impressive ... stellar protein and fiber numbers ... for a cracker!

I tore open the resealable package to find an artisan product that I could immediately see was made in small batches with love.

I took my crackers straight, as a side to a lovely bowl of vegetable soup. The Original Flax Crackers have a hearty, nutty flavor that complements any meal or contends strongly on it's own.

The other flavors we delish as well - lightly seasoned with the labeled variety, but their nutritional content varies from the Original crackers a bit. The Original version has the most fiber and protein.

Foods Alive Flax Crackers are a great option for gluten sensitive individuals, those trying to avoid processed foods or anyone who just wants a savory snack or side dish option.

Foods Alive makes a variety of flax based and super food items.

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