Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yes - you can jog!

I have encountered so many personal training clients over the years who tell me they "could never run" or "don't like to run" or "my lungs hurt when I run."

Nonsense! As long as there is no true physical contraindication to jogging, anyone can shuffle along. Perhaps you don't look like a marathoner or a track star while you are doing it, but there is a systematic way to find your running groove.

Embrace your personal running style!

1.If you are serious about starting to jog, invest in a good pair of shoes that are specifically engineered for running. Preferably, go to a running specialty store and get fitted for a pair that is perfect for you.

2. Load up your Ipod with your favorite tunes to keep you going.

3. Make sure you have comfortable, breathable clothing that won't chafe or irritate you.

4. Formulate a plan. Don't just go out there and try to run 6 miles your first day.
Build slowly and sensibly. Here is my favorite way:

- Dedicate 30 minutes to your "jogging" adventure (This is considering you have some sort of cardiovascular base - if not, you start with FIVE minutes and build to 30 minutes week by week - adding five additional minutes each week)

- Try to find a soft surface like a trail or blacktop rather than concrete

- Think of the run in 5 minute segments

- Segment 1 - Try to shuffle/jog for up to one minute
Then walk for four minutes

- Segment 2 - repeat Segment 1 and so on for six segments until 30 minutes is up.


- REPEAT this workout twice more on non-consecutive days for one to two weeks

- After one to two weeks, if the one minute is easily attainable during all six segments, add up to another minute in each segment. So, you are jogging for two minutes, walking for three minutes ... repeating for 30 minutes.

- Keep progressing every one to two weeks, adding another minute until ... VOILA!! You are shuffling along for thirty minutes!!

Be sure to fuel up before your runs and afterwards, stretch, ice and take Epsom salt baths as needed and treat yourself to a massage when you achieve whatever time you have set for your running goal.

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