Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Griffin Remedy

Have you ever leered at the labels on your personal care items and pondered whether knowing an alien language was a requirement for understanding exactly WHAT is in the products we put on our bodies?

I've become extremely conscious of this recently and even as a person who strives to buy mostly natural items, has been shocked at what gets sneaked into some of our products.

On a trip to South Lake Tahoe, CA I stopped into the lovely Grass Roots Natural Foods, where I not only got some great deals on healthy groceries, but discovered Griffin Remedy Products.

"GRIFFIN REMEDY offers Body Lotions, Shower Gels and Foaming Hand Soaps formulated to be pure and clean, NO parabens, NO sodium lauryl sulfates and NO petro-chemical derived ingredients." (griffinremedy.com)

I'll say YES to that!

Made in San Francisco, CA - they are almost local to me as well!

I bought their shampoo and conditioner enticed by the totally sensible price point, sensible packaging, attractive labeling and their discriminating ingredients.

My test drive of these products has generated pleasantly scented, shiny, soft, healthy hair with no residue or compromise of my color!

Learn more and purchase here: http://www.griffinremedy.com/

(image from: griffinremedy.com)

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